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If you have been sexually harassed, we are here to help. Our sexual assault lawyers in Houston Texas are ready to listen to your story, present you with your legal options, and fight for your rights!


Recurring Sexual harassment can take many forms: comments about your body and/or attire, rumors about your sex life, unwanted touching, and more. Sending inappropriate pictures or text messages, frequent and unsolicited requests to interact outside of the normal work routine, and inappropriate comments or messages on social media. Whatever form it takes, sexual harassment doesn’t just happen once. It happens again and again, making a single person, entire group or community feel at risk.


Often, sexual harassment is not reported. Victims feel like they have no options because they fear they will lose their job and more. They worry how others will respond to any action they take. They often feel alone and unsure of how to move forward. An important step for victims of sexual harassment is to speak with a sexual harassment attorney in Houston, TX.


Your workplace should be a safe environment. You should be able to work in peace, and you should never feel uncomfortable doing your job. If you are being sexually harassed, it's time to make that stop. A sexual harassment lawyer can help. They'll know the law and can use this information to end to the hostile environment you're dealing with. Contact a sexual harassment attorney to make the harassment stop.

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What Is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is unwelcome verbal, physical, or visual contact.


Are Sexual Conversations Sexual Harassment?

Knowing when personal boundaries have been crossed can also be tricky. It is important to be able to tell the difference between sexual harassment and flirty behavior.

Harassment with a boss touching the arm to his secretary who is sitting in his workplace at office

What If My Boss Is Sexually Harassing Me?

Try not to worry about how your employer reacts to your claims.  If your supervisor has harassed you, you have a case

girl on dude

What Actions Count As Sexual Harassment?

Some actions can make you feel bad, but this doesn’t make them illegal.

Sexual harassment complaint form on a desk.

Documenting and Reporting The Sexual Harassment

You must report any actions of sexual harassment to hr.


Do I Need A Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

You don’t need a lawyer to counteract a hostile environment in beaumont, tx. But having a lawyer can speed up the process.